Նոյեմբերի 17-ին ՇՄՆ «Հիդրոօդերևութաբանության և մոնիթորինգի կենտրոն» ՊՈԱԿ-ում տեղի ունեցավ հանդիպում Համաշխարհային բանկի խորհրդակցական առաքելության անդամների հետ


On November 17, a meeting with members of the World Bank's consultative mission took place at the "Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center" of the MoE.
The main objective of the mission is to gather information from all stakeholders, based on country needs and gaps, to inform the Country Climate and Development Report (CDR) directions and outcomes, which include components of climate change and climate policy impacts, based on which policies and investments are recommended: to achieve low carbon emissions and sustainable development.

Levon Azizyan, director of "Armhydromet" SNCO, welcoming the guests, noted that he highly values and values cooperation with the World Bank and referred to the roadmap for the modernization of services developed with the support of the World Bank back in 2017, which includes the weather, climate and hydrological sectors. However, in 2020, as a result of the reorganization and expansion of SNCO, its fields and functions were also expanded (Environmental, forest monitoring, waste management, etc.), in connection with which Mr. Azizyan spoke about his expectations of the World Bank's support for more comprehensive, comprehensive and improved monitoring. aimed at developing a new road map.
Levon Azizyan also presented the gaps and issues related to hydrometeorological monitoring, climate change research, greenhouse gas inventory, implementation of early warning systems (climatic and agricultural risks, heat waves, etc.), and also emphasized the urgency of implementing radar observation systems.
The representatives of the World Bank, for their part, noted that the report is at an initial stage, and the possession of information related to the gaps and problems related to the discussed areas will certainly contribute to the process of creating a more comprehensive and priority-based report.
The meeting ended with messages of thanks from both sides, with the agreement to create mutually beneficial foundations for further effective activities and to take effective forward-looking steps.